This series under the title << Walking with Shane to the circus>> is a project inspired by the drawings with pencil or crayon on paper of Shane Basson.Shane Basson has an unusual condition khown as << phychokinetic motor retardation>>. In Shane’s art there is a recuring theme of expressing circles and bubble shapes.The hand also is a strong symbol in most of his drawings.Working on his drawings I began to have a unique, esoteric experience characterized by a wonterful sense of freedom. The images I created have a very sculpural quality and many of these are in obvious relief and give extra texture. This series of 22 small paitings with drawings of Shane and words written by the artist Leonie de Lange is also available as book . His focus on the hand, the bubbles and small circles, was the inspiration for the titles of the images and finally the book.More information of the book you can find at the book section.